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How to subscribe to Spotify for a year for 1000 rubles in Russia

Spotify is the best streaming music service that does not work in Russia. However, Russians and citizens of CIS there are several ways to subscribe. One of them I’ll tell.

Why do we need Spotify when is Apple Music, which works fine in Russia and is inexpensive? In short, Spotify is the best recommendation engine, huge music library, the most convenient application, and still promote Russian music.

Due to the fact that Spotify does not work in Russia, we have to look for different ways to pay the subscription fee. There are several:

  • Purchasing a subscription with PayPal American.
  • Sale promo code for eBay.
  • Connect family account.

The price of the subscription on Spotify is dependent on the region in which it is framed. For example, a monthly subscription costs us $ 10, Filipino — at least 200 RUB. But when you activate this Filipino account, Spotify will recommend music that is popular in the Philippines, so I will describe the connection process on the example of American account.

The purchase of a subscription directly through the website Spotify has two significant disadvantages. First, as discussed above, it costs $ 10 (~ 630 rubles). Secondly, its design will have to create a us PayPal account and transfer the money from a Russian PayPal. The only advantage is the full control and independence from intermediaries.

Giftcard sale on eBay saves a lot of paperwork with PayPal. But it also costs $ 10 a month, $ 30 for three and $ 60 for six months. Giftcard is a good option but not the most economical.

The last way is to connect family account. We will consider in detail. First, the cons:

  • Dependence on intermediaries. In this case, from a person who connects an account to Spotify family subscription.
  • The second shortcoming follows from the first — can be deceiving. Such cases happen, but they can be avoided.
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Now the pros:

  • Cheap. A year’s subscription can be purchased for $ 10-15.
  • A minimum of problems when connecting.

Family subscription offer to connect in thematic groups in “Vkontakte”. Most often, their services are more expensive than from sellers on eBay. I have never been faced with deception in “Vkontakte”, but you know the history, when people transferred money, and the sellers removed their pages and hiding. This is, perhaps, the main minus in cooperation with domestic sellers.

On eBay everything is easier. The sellers have ratings, and reviews. I advise you to choose sellers with rating as close to 100%. Before buying you can ask questions and get detailed answers. Even though I knew how the procedure of registration family account, I decided to ask a lot of questions and got clear answers.

Basically, buyers look at the rating before you buy something. Because of this, sellers are very polite and ready to answer any question. I chose a seller with a rating of 99.8%. He 437 of positive reviews, one neutral and one negative.

It is best to pay through PayPal. So you can protect yourself from fraud, because most of the time support PayPal takes the side of the user and returns the money if the seller for whatever reason did not return.

The buying process on eBay is almost indistinguishable from AliExpress. It is necessary to choose a product, click Buy It Now, check the details and pay. Then the seller will be in touch via message on eBay.

I bought the account for $ 15, but now that the seller gives it for $ 10.

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The seller can offer two options for connecting family subscription. The first is to send the necessary data for an existing Spotify account. Second — I will create the account and send login information. Email and password you can then change. I chose the first option because I already had a Spotify profile. The seller sent an invite and the details that need to be filled on a special page. After this subscription is activated.

After purchase, I was able to validate the seller. Two weeks after connect annual subscription, I got kicked out of the Spotify app. Back I couldn’t login, so I wrote to the seller. He’s in the same day, answered and solved the problem.

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