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Customs officers detained a batch of iPhone 6s from South Korea in millions of rubles

Customs officers at the airport of Vladivostok found in the Luggage of a passenger flight Seoul — Vladivostok 113 devices iPhone 6s, Apple watch one and Sony XPERIA Z5. The man did not declare the goods intended for sale, and now can be fined. All electronics seized and placed in escrow. An administrative inquiry.

As a result of joint actions of employees of the customs post of the Airport Vladivostok and the FSB for the Primorsky Krai in the air passenger, who arrived from Seoul, revealed undeclared goods and instituted administrative proceedings under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code (failure to declare), reports RIA PrimaMedia.

Primoretz on arrival to Vladivostok in the customs control zone proceeded through the “green” corridor, thereby demonstrating that he has no goods to declare.

However, in the course of customs control in his Luggage and hand Luggage were discovered undeclared new phones and the watch in the package. Including 113 devices iPhone 6s, Sony XPERIA Z5 one, and Apple watch.

Given the large number of homogenous products, their high market value and liquidity, it is clear that they have a commercial purpose and, consequently, were subject to customs Declaration in the manner prescribed by the Customs code of the Customs Union, with payment of the due customs duties and taxes. Goods seized, placed in escrow. An administrative inquiry.

Sanctions of part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code provide for an administrative fine in the amount from one half to twice the amount of goods, which are the subjects of an administrative offence, with their confiscation or without that or confiscation of subjects of an administrative offence.

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