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Study: iPhone choose rich, Android dominates in poor countries

The Android operating system has gained immense popularity in recent years and far surpassed the other OS. Resource the Register dedicated to the success of the mobile platform Google the whole article. As writes the edition, the operating system Google only popular due to the huge number of cheap smartphones, but not because the OS is good. The reason for the success lies not in the popularity of top-end expensive models, like the Galaxy S6, LG G4 or HTC One M9, and thanks to budget gadgets from Samsung, ZTE, LG.

According to statistics, four out of five sold in the world of smartphones are powered by Google, but the results of the study show that the distribution of OS in the market is highly dependent on the economic condition of people in particular and other States in General.

What client are poorer, the greater the likelihood that he will choose Android, but rather a device that runs on this OS, the researchers say. Leaders in distribution of IOS Google are the markets of India and China. In the U.S. smartphones with Android often acquire African Americans and Hispanic people whose incomes are significantly lower than those of whites.

Experts indicate that in markets with high purchasing power dominates iOS. The share of iPhone in Taiwan is closer to 80% (the country is on the 19th place in the world by GDP per capita) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Australia exceeds 60%.

But Android is extremely popular in Egypt (98th place), where the share of the OS accounts for more than 92% of the market. In India (124th place) on this platform employs nearly 89% of smartphones. Overall iPhone predominate in the ten richest countries. Apple gets the lion’s share of the profits from the first 30 States with the highest GDP per capita.

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Google has opted for a strategy that generates income. The results showed that Android happy with about half of the users, the iOS – 71% of customers. However, the advantage of Android in price. If the client wants a smartphone from Apple, he has to pay more. Another thing is that not everyone has the necessary funds, analysts concluded.

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