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Google Maps can now remember where you parked the car

Google added in-app Google Maps function where to look for a car in the Parking lot will be easier. It works both in automatic and in manual mode.

For Android users simply click on a blue dot, which identifies your location to mark a Parking spot. On iOS in addition to this option, the automatic determination mode of Parking. When the iPhone disconnects from the connected Bluetooth car stereo Google Maps automatically mark your Parking spot

When you use a function to create a text note and add photos, and the map will be stamped with the vehicle. So the user will not forget, where exactly is the car — this is very useful when there’s a car waiting in the Parking lot of a large shopping center or in a Parking garage. A built-in timer app allows you to follow paid time.

On Android this feature, however, developers are not automated. In 2014 the company has cards with automatic reminders about Parking in Google Now, but their use have to rely on various sensors. The function of this periodically becomes useless. The cards all have to do it manually, which for some will be a plus, and some minus.

To automatically mark your Parking spot works in Apple Maps with the release of iOS 10. The car is marked on the map, when the driver disconnects from CarPlay or Bluetooth.

In March, an innovation that allows you to mark a Parking spot appeared in the beta version of Google Maps for Android. Right now the feature is available on all devices, including iPhone and iPad.

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