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Tim cook: Apple Each building uses “green” energy. Whether so it actually?

Apple CEO boasted on Twitter that every building, every data center and the Apple store runs on the energy from renewable sources. What it really means — to understand furthe r.

Apple has long advocated the use of so-called “green” energy. In this regard, along with data centers and other buildings of the Corporation for the last several years actively building a farm on the conversion of solar and wind energy.

In 2013 Apple decided to switch completely to green energy. At the end of 2016, the company said that 96 percent of its capacity running on pure energy. Now Tim cook and Apple senior Vice President for environmental Affairs Lisa Jackson officially announced that the 100% is reached.

According to Jackson, the transition to renewable power the case of Apple things are the same as with any other product. The company is in no hurry to declare the achievement, savoring every presentation and allowing customers to review each product in all its glory.

But what really means the statement that all data centers, research buildings, shops and corporate offices of Apple working on renewable energy?

Yes, Apple has built a huge amount of solar and wind farms, control the emission of dangerous carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and makes even the vendors that create parts and assemble products for American corporations to use clean green energy.

However, not all of Apple’s facilities are located in close proximity to the “farm” and cannot directly use the generated at the energy. According to Lisa Jackson, the main challenge facing the company was the use of renewable energy sources in selected countries where there are large farms that produce clean energy. Of course, with its stock of cash, Apple could just buy her the necessary energy, but this would contradict the company’s philosophy and her desire to translate as many industries on cost-effective energy. Therefore, the California corporations interested primarily in making more capacity, processing clean energy from renewable sources.

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The essence of the statement by Tim cook that Apple is fully switched to “green” energy, in fact, not that every office and data center uses converted solar energy, or the energy of water and wind.

The fact that in the energy market, things are much more complicated. Of course, large data centers that process and store the data Siri, Apple Music and iCloud, use directly the solar farms in Nevada, Arizona and Oregon, designed specifically for their equipment. But what to do with the offices in Turkey, Brazil or India?

In fact, most of these buildings use local building and electrical codes. The fact how the energy in these networks is supplied. When a company like Apple, produces and supplies more clean energy to the public network than is required to the buildings, we can say that it fully meets its capacity of “green” fuel.

Another achievement of Apple is that the company not only switched to renewable energy, but also requires its partners to use in the production of only “clean” energy. For example, the same Foxconn to build the iPhone needs to use “green” energy, then, other tasks can buy the usual energy produced by nuclear or thermal power plants.

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