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Media reported about the lack of displays for smartphones iPhone SE

Apple there is a shortage of components to repair iPhone SE in stores and the official service centers, so consumers who need a replacement display, unable to instead of the new glass a new instance of the smartphone. This writes MacRumors, referring to own sources.

First, Apple did not explain the situation with the lack of screens. Authorized service centers who have run out of display panels, were forced to give out new phones, not repair the old one.

In connection with the shortage of components started talking about the imminent arrival of the successor to the iPhone SE, however, rumors about a new compact smartphone Apple. Even more recently, the manufacturer updated the model, doubling the available space on the flash drive.

Later the situation became clear. When you supply a large batch of screens for iPhone SE the error was made where the serial numbers of the components were not properly added to the system Apple. The entire batch was sent back to the suppliers, which caused a shortage of components on the market.

After the settlement of issues paper new display panels for the iPhone SE have started to arrive in stores and service centers Apple.

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