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Google launched Apple Pay competitor

Google launched its own payment service Apple Pay. The company hopes that the system will allow it to win new positions in the market of mobile payments and to press the Apple.

Service, designed to compete with Apple Pay, turns your smartphone into a digital wallet: the system stores your credit and debit card user that can be used in both real and virtual stores. Android Pay supports all four major payment networks – Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard, it is compatible with most recent Android-based devices.

Use Android Pay will allow users to pay for goods and services to more than 1 million American stores, and 1 000 mobile apps. Among the partners of the payment system and retail chains Macy’s, Staples and Whole Foods, said product Director at Google responsible for Android Pay, Pali baht.

“We will gradually introduce the payment system in the next few days, and this is only the beginning. We will continue to add Android Pay new opportunities and increase the number of partners – banks and retailers – in the coming months that will further facilitate the payment using our payment system,” said bat.

In particular, Google is developing features that will allow Android users Pay to participate in loyalty programs or special promotions.

The company expects that the launch of Android Pay will increase the interest in Android-based smartphones.

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