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Sale “leather” flagship LG G4 failed

At the time of release of the flagship LG G4 analysts reported a rather cool reception model. ‘t changed mood and after two months of sales of the smartphone.

If you believe the published figures, since the start of sales of LG G4 at the end of April to end of June was able to realize a little more than 240 000 devices, that is, about 4000 of gadgets per day. And it is native to the manufacturer market, where Korean gadgets traditionally in high demand. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge in the same period in South Korea, has sold 1.3 million units. Despite the improved camera, no problems with overheating housing, lower compared with the Samsung the price and availability of versions of the LG G4 with a unique leather case, the phone did not arouse interest among buyers.

As noted by Tom’s Hardware, last year’s flagship LG G3 stand out from competitors – the iPhone 5s had a modest screen size (in Asia are very popular phablets), not impressed users and Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the next generation of Apple devices has changed the rules of the game. As a consequence, analysts have lowered earnings forecast LG in the second quarter by more than $10 million.

Low demand for high-end model may jeopardize the execution of the program LG for implementation 70 million smartphones in 2015. Taking into account the statistics of sales in the home market, the company may have to adjust those plans.

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