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Google is testing auto-play videos in search results

Google is testing auto-play videos in search results. Despite the fact that this update was met pretty cool, the search giant does not intend to abandon the plan.

According to the spokesperson of Google, the company is constantly working to improve search and experimenting with new features to provide users with the most convenient and easy way of obtaining the desired information. Learn more about innovation, a company representative has not yet spread.

First auto-play videos in the Google search it was discovered earlier this week. Videos appear to the right of the primary search results and at the moment is limited only by the requests for the films. Because the function is under test while it is available to a limited number of users. At the moment, videos are played without sound and the user have to manually enable the sound in the running video.

It is noteworthy that just a month ago at WWDC, Apple announced about the contrary possibilities of the Safari browser, which will appear in the new version of macOS. According to Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi), Safari will be able to identify sites that are available to auto-play videos and will block the launch of these movies, allowing the user to decide whether he wants to watch this video, or not.

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