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Microsoft will pay up to $250 000 for finding bugs in their products

Microsoft has launched a new program Windows Bounty Program to identify vulnerabilities in Windows 10. The maximum amount the company will pay for bugs in the virtualization system Hyper-V.

For bugs in Microsoft’s Edge and test the Windows Insider Preview builds, the company will pay up to $ 15,000. TechCrunch notes that if the employee before Microsoft finds a vulnerability, the company still will pay a fee to a third-party researcher who described the problem the second, but not more than 10% of the amount of remuneration, that is, a maximum of $ 25,000.

Previously, Microsoft has already conducted a similar program. Then, users paid up to $ 100,000 for finding exploits in Windows 8.1. A large company like Apple or Facebook often pay users for finding bugs in their products.

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