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Future iPhone will get support for Apple Pencil

Apple has registered two new patents relating to the work Apple Pencil on smartphones. This was reported by Patently Apple.

In a new patent on the correction of noise, the Apple indicates the use of Pencil as on tablets and smartphones. At the moment the stylus is available only in the line of iPad Pro.

A year ago Tim cook said in an interview that the use of the Pencil for iPhone and iPad is an incredible experience of interaction with the device. This was followed by a patent for the use of the stylus in iMovie. But in the new iOS 11 was an enhanced ability to markup documents and handwritten notes taken with Pencil.

However, not all developments find place in the final product. The use of a Pencil can be difficult the small size of the iPhone screen and is contrary to established even Steve jobs rule: “you don’t need a stylus”.

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