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Disney, Star Wars and the iPhone. Where is the connection?

In connection with the imminent release of the next part of the sequel to “Star wars,” Disney has decided to use augmented reality Pockemon-Go on iPhone and iPad.
From 1 to 3 November in the framework of the promotion “Find the Force” Star Wars fans will need to visit any one of 20,000 pre-prepared locations. It’s not easy. The “Jedi” should be iPhone to scan this location, which will allow you to see one of the characters everyone loved the sequel. He didn’t just appear on the screen of your iPhone, but will move as if he really was there. This meeting will be to capture on photo or video and share on social networks. Using the special hashtag #FindtheForce and #ForceFriday under photo and video, you can automatically participate in the lottery. The main prize – the tickets for the premiere of “Star Wars: the Last Jedi”, which will be held in Los Angeles in December, and a private tour of the Studio Lucasfilm in San Francisco.

Disney has launched the app “Star Wars” in the App Store. The lucky ones whose iPhone support version 2.3.1 can previously unlock the character by going to the website Star Wars and scanned the image.

If Disney is the ultimate promotion for Apple this is a great opportunity to stress once again that they want to make the virtuality more accessible to users and developers alike. It is also associated with the June worldwide developers conference Apple (WWDC), which was presented to the software ARKit for quick and easy deployment of augmented reality applications.

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