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Foxconn employee took video of a new 4-inch iPhone

With an enviable regularity appear on the Network rumors of new 4-inch smartphone Apple, which will replace the plastic iPhone 5c, introduced in 2013. Today, the Network appeared the first real confirmation of the existence of the iPhone 6c (iPhone 7c, iPhone and iPhone 5e 5SE).

In the Network published a review of the new iPhone with a screen size of 4 inches. The author of the video claims that it is removed at the factory contract manufacturer Foxconn – longstanding partner of Apple, which now leads the Assembly of the device. As you can see, the smartphone is almost a complete copy of the iPhone 6s, but with a more compact screen.

The source claims that the new 4-inch iPhone went 64-bit A8 chip platform, which includes 1 GB of RAM, whereas earlier it was rumored that the “heart” of the novelties will be the A9 chip. In the presence of 8-megapixel camera, flash drive 16 GB and a battery capacity of mAh 1642. Compact Retina display covered with curved protective glass with the effect of 2.5 D and not 2D like the iPhone 5c. Also, the device will support 4G LTE, NFC module and fingerprint scanner Touch ID to conduct contactless payments.

New iPhone not clothed in plastic body as its predecessor, and in metal and will be available in two or three colors. The smartphone will go on sale in March or April of this year. Accurate information on the cost of new items not yet, it is expected that it will take place in the medium price segment.

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