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Presented a futuristic concept car Apple running OSCar [video]

Apple is preparing something very cool and something very secret under the name Titan. And according to rumors, this electric Autonomous robotic vehicle. Already even it is known who exactly is making this car, and the total number of employees employed in the project Titan, is according to various sources from 100 to 1000 people.

Rumors are so many and they are so persistent that it creates an impression that someone specially dissolves, stirring interest and creating an aura around the future of the new “Apple” product. The history known from other gadgets of the company. And this scheme works.

Apple has long been tipped as a future road, and projects on the theme of iCar abound. So what may seem like a car from Apple if the company uses one of these proposals?

Apple iCar in the performance of the designer Luc Vida – futuristic vehicle under the control of the operating system OSCar. This platform is designed specifically for car applications and includes Apple Maps, Safari, Siri, and others.

Technical characteristics of the car is not specified, however, the author of the concept noted that the interior of the car is crammed with lots of advanced technologies, and to operate the vehicle directly from iOS devices. The electric car can cover a distance of a thousand kilometers without refueling, and on a full charge the battery Apple Car will take several hours.

According to reports, Apple plans out the production of its own electric cars closer to 2020. Application for 5-year-old creation of the machine is quite loud, taking into account the fact that the company had never been engaged in this direction.

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