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iPhone more than twice, if it will be assembled in the USA

This week, speaking at liberty University, a candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, Donald trump said he will oblige Apple to release their products in the USA. “We will force Apple to make their damn computers and other gadgets in this country, and not abroad,” said trump. Analysts decided to evaluate how this may affect the final cost of the iPhone.

Currently Chinese smartphone Apple pickers earn about $ 400 a month. If you move the iPhone build, for example, in the States of Wyoming and Georgia with the lowest minimum wage about 5 dollars an hour, with a standard working day the salary of the local worker will be twice higher than in China. In that case, if the iPhone production will be established in California, the salary of each employee Apple will have to allocate at least $ 1,500.

Considering the factors influencing the final cost of the iPhone, CNET journalists came to the conclusion that if Donald trump succeeds smartphones Apple will rise to about half. That is, younger model iPhone 6s will cost 650, and 1,300 dollars.

Apple designs their devices in Cupertino, but their production is in the partners. The company moved most of the manufacturing of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers in Asia, particularly China, in the late 1990-ies. On the territory of the USA located the headquarters of the “Apple” giant, where specialists develop products and create their design.

Four years ago, Apple attempted to expand production in the U.S., investing $100 million in production in the country. However, CEO Tim cook said that to conduct large-scale relocation to the States is very difficult.

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