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Exploding the iPhone 6 nearly became the cause of the fire on Board the aircraft

The Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) and Apple are investigating the fire iPhone 6 at the airliner Alaska Airlines. According to ABC, the incident occurred during the flight from Washington to Honolulu.

The plane’s passengers were prepared for the worst, when a sudden fire engulfed a few seats in the cabin. The cause of the fire was iPhone 6 student Anna Kral who went to Hawaii on vacation.

The girl just watched the movie on his iPhone when he erupted in her hands. Stunned by the sudden flash, the American dropped his phone fell under the seat. For a short time, the flames coming from the device body, covered the whole chair — people on the plane began to shout and jump up from their seats.

“All of a sudden my phone began to assume a 20-centimeter flames. I drop it on floor, he fell under someone’s chair, and the flame increased even more, people took off from the field because of this,” said Kral.

At this point in the plane Alaska Airlines flying over the Pacific ocean, there were 163 people, and to the nearest airport had to fly another hour and a half. The incident resulted in the iPhone burned from the inside, and his body is deformed and melted. According to the airline representative, the fire was quickly extinguished by the crew. As a result, neither the seat nor the aircraft did not have time to catch fire, the victims were not – the plane landed safely in Honolulu.

According to experts, the cause of the accident, most likely, was the smartphone’s battery. Apple representatives announced that it had contacted the family of the victim, airline and examine the circumstances of the incident.

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