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Apple and the FBI will speak at the US Congress on the case of hacking iPhone

Senior Vice President for legal Affairs of Apple, will speak at the April 19 hearings in the U.S. Congress in connection with burglary of FBI smartphone iPhone. This is stated in a statement on Thursday the statement of the Committee on energy and Commerce, house of representatives, U.S. Congress. Apple will testify on a dispute regarding access to encrypted devices.

According to the Agency, Apple General counsel Bruce Sewell and the Executive assistant Director of the FBI science and technology Amy Hess next Tuesday will give their testimony before two separate committees of the house of representatives Subcommittee of the U.S. Congress on energy and Commerce. Meetings will be attended by the representatives of law enforcement bodies and experts in the field of technology. In early March, Sewell has acted in the Congress behind the head of the Bureau

The U.S. government previously through the court demanded Apple to help in decoding data from iPhone terrorist, killing 14 people in San Bernardino (CA). At the end of March the Ministry of justice managed to gain access to information contained on your smartphone, without the help of Apple. In this regard, the Department has asked the court to overturn an injunction requiring the Corporation to provide the state assistance in hacking the device.

Apple has resisted attempts to gain access to encrypted data, claiming it would set a dangerous precedent of violation of the rights of users and that such requests should not be considered in court and in Congress, which must enact appropriate legislation.

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Earlier in March, a court in new York rejected the authorities ‘ request to compel Apple to unlock the iPhone, passing on another drug case. The Ministry of justice will appeal the decision, but observers believe that Apple’s lawyers used a precedent in a dispute about these phone terrorist Bernardino.

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