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Examples of photos taken on ONE DxO – external 20-megapixel camera for iPhone and iPad

The French company DxO Labs, well known for its software solutions, as well as tests of photographic equipment, has announced his own camera. On the official website of the manufacturer has published a series of photos taken at the 20-megapixel high-quality module called DxO ONE.

DxO ONE called “mirror to combine the quality with the convenience of taking pictures with a smartphone.” The device uses a BSI CMOS sensor format 1 inch in mirrorless cameras Nikon 1, and a lens with an equivalent focal length of 32 mm, a maximum aperture of F/1.8 and 6-blade iris diaphragm. All this is Packed into the chamber with a height of less than 7 cm and a weight of 108 grams.

One of the reasons, which make the camera so small is the fact that in fact it is a modular device, without a large monitor for viewing during shooting and playback after. DxO ONE is used only in conjunction with an iPhone or iPad, forming a full functional device with Lightning interface. In the docked position, the camera can rotate in each of two directions at 60 degrees.

The device can shoot in RAW or JPEG, as a semi-professional DSLR camera. There is also a mode SuperRaw who consistently makes four RAW image, and then “gluing” them together to reduce noise and improve image quality in low light conditions.

With the help of three iOS apps a photographer can control the camera settings, including aperture (from F/1.8 to F/11), shutter speed (from 15 to 1/8000 seconds), ISO (100 to 51200), as well as the shooting modes (scene Scene, aperture priority and shutter speed, as well as a fully manual mode).

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Laboratory DxO Mark played his typical test matrix, which is used in ONE DxO and camera received a score of 70 is “on the level full-frame DSLRs and is radically higher than any smartphone”. Assessment can to reach even 85 – if you enable the function “SuperRAW”, when the camera quickly makes 4 snapshot RAW and then combines them into one for more high quality.

The novelty, however, and stands as “SLR” average — $ 599. Pre-orders for DxO One already opened. Supply will begin in September.

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