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Cubot R8 – the world’s thinnest Apple Watch clone

The Chinese have always been famous for its ability to create copies of even the most labor-intensive and technologically sophisticated products, ranging from accessories and clothes of famous brands, to luxury Swiss watches and automobile products. A similar situation occurs on the mobile market, where copies of the iPhone, the flagship models from HTC and LG, and even smartphones native Chinese firms have become a widespread phenomenon and familiar. For example, a phone from an unnamed manufacturer that looks awesome exactly mimic the iPhone 6, and it appeared much earlier than its prototype, which technically “copying” of such “works” by Chinese artists.

However the underserved remains an increasingly popular segment of wearable devices – smart watches and fitness trackers. And if you can put the most similar analogues “13 $” Mi Band from Xiaomi is unlikely anyone will even try, which is all rumor Apple and its mobile phones, and now wearable on the wrist gadget Apple Watch, things are very different.

The Chinese company, Lenovo said on its website on intention to begin sales in the world’s slimmest Apple Watch clone. Model Cubot R8, very similar to the device of engineers from Cupertino, got a metal housing with a thickness of 8.8 mm and dimensions of 45 x 44 mm. display size is 1.54 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. To protect the screen from scratches used laminirovanie G+F.

Also refers to the water resistance, but the links of the according to some standards, the manufacturer does not. In the part of the hardware platform we are talking about the platform MediaTek MTK2501, 24 MB RAM, 32 MB of internal memory and battery capacity of 250 mAh. To link with a smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0.

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As for functionality Cubot R8, you should not expect from a Chinese copy of some extraordinary powers. Nevertheless, the basic minimum, according to the developer, is here. Manufacturer from China promises the presence of a pedometer, barometer, thermometer sensor for the monitoring of the indications cardiac rhythm monitoring phases of sleep, and the ability to accept received smartphone call.

The cost Cubot R8 in gold and silver colors is only $67.

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