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Apple agreed to help you recover data from iPhone, had lain on the seabed for over 8 months

Apple agreed to help with the restoration of data on a smartphone iPhone 6, which belongs to one of two teenagers missing in the Bermuda triangle last year. The smartphone has lain on the seabed for over 8 months.

The incident happened on July 24 last year. Two of the American teenager Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos went fishing on Florida’s East coast and landed in a heavy storm. The search for the missing continued for weeks, but to find 14-year-old navigators had not succeeded.

March 18, 2016 Norwegian ship discovered the teenagers at the bottom of the boat about 150 miles off the coast of Bermuda. It rose to the surface. But it did not help to determine what happened to Cohen and Stefanos. To shed light on the circumstances of the tragedy can data on the iPhone 6, which was in the boat. The smartphone can be information about the last whereabouts of teenagers or a suicide note.

As told by the father of Austin, despite the state of the smartphone, Apple has promised to help with data recovery. “We communicate with the manufacturer, who seems anxious to help us to recover the contents. This is our goal, as the phone was in salt water for eight months. We also asked an IT expert to access the iCloud backup and, unfortunately, it turned out that the backup was not enabled”, – he told.

Experts believe incorrect to draw Parallels between this story and the recent confrontation between Apple and the FBI, the reason for which was the refusal of the company to create special software to unlock iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino. First, it is unknown whether there was a password lock on your smartphone. In addition, the internal security rules allow Apple assistance in emergency situations.

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