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Every tenth fan of Apple in Russia willing to buy a new iPhone 7 for any money

One in ten lovers a lover of gadgets in Russia are planning to purchase the iPhone 7. These are the results of a survey conducted by the publication Hi-Tech Mail. Another 17% are not averse to get the new flagship, but only when it is cheaper. In the past year, interest in new models of fashionable gadget was higher new wanted every third.

The results of the study were influenced not only by the high price of iPhone, but also the emergence of strong competitors, according to the study authors.

Slightly more than a third of those who would like to purchase an iPhone, according to the survey, are willing to spend more than 50 000 rubles for the gadget. 2% not willing to pay for the device and more than 90 000 rubles. And one in ten (9%) willing to buy iPhone 7 for any money.

According to analysts, before the official start of sales in Russia iPhone 7 will cost 100-120 thousand rubles.

“Prices in the official retail comment earlier, our projections 60 and 70 thousand rubles for the minimum configuration, and lower prices on previous generation will be about 10%, analysts comment the results of the study. – Apple is struggling with the grey market and is suing several major players in Russia. In the end, this year the import of products immediately after the start of sales in Europe and the United States may be the lowest in history, not counting the iPhone SE, which showed no prospects for orders in the informal shops.”

Presentation of the new Apple smartphone will be held on 7 September at 20:00 Moscow time in San Francisco. quickly illuminate the display of new products as part of the September presentation. Visit the website below to learn about the novelties, which were prepared by the company from Cupertino!

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