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Most employees at Apple are still white men, but the company intends to fix it

2014 Apple aims to diversify the demographic composition of its staff. Two years of “Apple” Corporation is improved the indicators of racial and sexual diversity among its employees in the United States, as evidenced by published company data.

According to the report, Apple on ethnic diversity management, by July 2016 among 107 senior executives in the 73 — white. Asians in senior management, 14 people (vs 12 last year), black — three Latinos – two (1 year ago).

Higher and middle management of space in most cases is white. In particular, 48% white males, 18% white women. 23% of these positions are Asians, 7% Hispanic or Latino, 4% black. There are also representatives of other, less common races, but the percentage is extremely small.

Apple have to go into the question of ethnic diversity of staff. According to the census Bureau of the United States, in the US, about 13% of the population are black. “The potential for improvement is always there, – said the chief personnel officer of Apple. We are working hard to expand the diversity of our employees.”

Disclosure of information about the structure of the personnel – a noticeable trend recently in Silicon valley. To the Apple such data shared by Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Picture all the companies were almost the same, everywhere among the staff is dominated by white men.

Apple emphasizes all the time that the issues of ensuring social and cultural diversity, it goes beyond such traditional categories as race, gender and nationality, and takes into account features that are “not usually used”, for example veteran status hostilities, sexual orientation, disability.

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Earlier, the head of Tim cook stated that Apple is an important shared values and cultural diversity. Diversity of employees is “the future of the company” and not just the declared value, he said. The CEO is convinced that “teams with a wide variety create the best products”.

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