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Eddy cue spoke about Apple’s plans to improve the new Apple TV [video]

Earlier this week the long-awaited announcement of Apple TV fourth generation, is scheduled for Friday. In anticipation of this event eddy cue, Vice President of software gave an interview to CNN in which he revealed some questions about the future of consoles.

At the moment, according to cue, Apple TV for most users is an “additional device” in that it helps to completely abandon cable and satellite services. However, things could change, if Apple will launch its own service. And in the light of recent similar rumors seems quite real.

Kew refused to directly answer this question. “Some time ago there were rumors that Apple will license, and in fact to Fund a television program, like what do Hulu or Netflix. Can you elaborate about this? Is it true?”, – asked the journalist Brian Stelter.

“We like to work with our partners. Our strong position in technology, and they [partners] are very strong in the area of content production, and we believe this cooperation is mutually beneficial”, – said Vice-President.

Talking about the possibilities of Apple TV, Kew added that the console provides a lot more options for use than in the past. So, it definitely is the best device for content consumption compared with conventional cable or satellite TV. In many ways it has become a reality due to the interactive capabilities of the new tvOS application.

Cue noted that Apple TV has always been a closed system. With the release of the new model this has changed, as the content producer can create interactive applications. According to the representative of Apple, the new console gives developers more freedom than any other service or media player.

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Leading to the question about problems with authorization on the cable channels via Apple TV, Kew said:

“Of course, we are not going to rest on our laurels and will improve the console in future updates. However, now users have the option of subscribing to “one-click” services such as HBO GO, Hulu and Netflix”.

The new Apple TV will come in retail sale in Friday. In Russia the cost of the device in the minimum configuration with a 32-Gigabyte drive is 13 990 rubles.

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