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Apple stopped signing iOS 9.0.2, to roll back any longer

In the night from Thursday to Friday, Apple have stopped issuing digital certificates to iOS 9.0.2. From this point, users have no possibility to roll back to the previous version of the operating system with iOS 9.1.

The release of iOS 9.0.2 took place on 1 October. In this update we’ve fixed a bug in the mobile app, which provides connectivity to the Internet, and also fixed the bug which failed to activate iMessage. In addition to this improves stability of the standard application “Podcasts”.

Recently Apple made a point of signing older firmware for a couple of weeks after the release of the new. In this time period was quite short: “the window” was closed just after a week the company stopped issuing digital certificates on Friday, October 30.

Now Apple does not sign iOS 9.0.2 for any compatible devices. This means that iPhone and iPad owners can’t do a rollback or update from earlier versions. This is, in particular, tweeted Tssstatus, which warned users that after the transition the majority will not be able to downgrade and repeat the jailbreak procedure.

As currently downgrading the OS is not possible, users of jailbroken devices have to be careful. Do not install untested tweaks from Cydia that can lead to a crash, because restoring the OS will have to update the gadget and lose your jailbreak.

Current iOS version is 9.1, which brought users of compatible smartphones, tablets and media players over fifty new emoticons. The functionality of the “live” images enhanced to recognize when the iPhone is raised or lowered, so as not to record in Live Photo these unnecessary movements. In the settings there was an option to hide photos in your contacts.

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Currently Apple is testing iOS 9.2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with enhancements to the Safari browser.

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