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Apple makes Apple Watch strap with integrated display

If you disconnect the strap from the Apple Watch, in its mounting location, you can discover the hidden connector, which Apple is silent on the details page of the gadget and in supporting documentation. This interface port will be used to create “smart” straps for the Apple Watch. At least, such conclusion can be drawn after studying a new patent application Apple.

Special six-slot is located inside one of the grooves for the strap of the Apple Watch. In appearance it resembles a Lightning for iPhone and iPad. With it, you are installing the operating system on the production phase of new items, so, as expected, he showed up in the final version hours.

Some observers, however, lead a more interesting explanation. According to the source, Apple is planning to create a series of “smart” Apple Watch straps will be connected to the electronic bracelet via this interface connector. The accessories will be compatible with Apple Watch is the first generation.

In the patent Apple describes a model of “smart” wrist strap for Apple Watch, which can display additional information messages, incoming calls and other notifications – even speaking a kind of replacement of the smart watch. A unique feature of the accessory is in the materials used. In the patent we are talking about tissue that consists of fibers with different optical properties. The display of this kind is not capable to play video, but it can display digital information.

I must say that we are not the first time we hear about “smart” Apple Watch straps. Earlier it became known that Apple is going to release a wristband with a sensor of oxygen in the blood, the breath sensor, module for measurement of arterial pressure and the sensor temperature. The reason it took straps, because these sensors can not be integrated directly in the case of Apple Watch.

It is not excluded that the first smart watch bands will be announced together with the second generation Apple Watch. To button new on his wrist, according to rumors, users will be able at the end of the second quarter of 2016. Last month on the development of the model said Barry Lam, Chairman of Quanta.

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