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Corning has announced a new generation of protective glass Gorilla Glass Vibrant

Modern smartphones have learned not to be afraid of splashes and scratches, some models can even without consequences is in the water. If practicality and reliability should be combined with great aesthetics, that the new solution series Gorilla Glass is able to offer additional scope for creativity. Manufacturer of resilient glass announced a new generation of protective glass Gorilla Glass Vibrant, which allows manufacturers of gadgets to put on the glass any full-color image having high resistance.

Using patented inkjet printing technology, Corning may be applied to the glass surface logos, gradients, various shades and images. The quality of the marked image are almost to the one, if instead of glass you used paper.

In Corning are confident that the technology will give partners more opportunities to create a unique design devices.

It is assumed that on the front panel of the smartphone with Gorilla glass will now be able to place full-color logos of the manufacturer, and what the space is opened when “coloring” the back of glass panels. Vibrant Gorilla Glass offers incredible vistas for manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. They can create an exclusive line of devices, for example, with the views of some city or with the image of a popular character.

According to representatives of Corning, the technology has already attracted interest. Given the current trend of using glass on the rear panels of smartphones from leading manufacturers, we can safely assume that the development has all chances for success.

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