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Computer for rent: iMac Pro in the maximum configuration will cost more than a million rubles

In early June, Apple announced a new “professional” monoblock iMac Pro. The computer will go on sale in December of this year at a price of $5000. But we are talking about the basic version of the computer – 18-core processor, 128 GB ECC memory, SSD 4 TB will cost absolutely other money.

Apple did not disclose pricing information on more advanced configuration of the iMac Pro. In the edition of ZDNet, decided to make a preliminary assessment of what may get the most powerful computer on macOS and how much it will cost.


Apple did not disclose what processor will be used in the iMac Pro, but analysts took that model Xeon E5-2697. A variant with eight cores costs $419, and the 18-core chip is estimated to be $2282. Also do not forget about the mark-up Apple.
Given the cost of the last iMac and the results of disassembly iFixit, the margin can be up to 75%.

18-core processor — about $4000.


To estimate the cost of 128 GB of RAM, ZDNet has compared the current prices with the prices of the iMac from Crucial and Kingston. Margin are slightly higher than on the processors, and is 80%.

Of course, inside the iMac Pro could be other components. Analysts have taken on the basis of four SO-DIMMs. Turned $1899 based on the average 32 GB ECC DDR4-2666 and 128GB (4 x 32GB) DDR4-2666 LRDIMM from Crucial.

If you subtract $404, the cost of the module 32 GB the base version of the iMac Pro, and add a mark-up manufacturer, will be:

128GB of RAM is about $2700.

Video card

Figuring out the cost of this component was somewhat more complicated, since the graphics card is Radeon Pro while Vega went on sale. Resource focused on X Nvidia GTX Titan with 6 GB and 12 GB, and added 80% from Apple.

Radeon Pro Vega 16GB HBM2 — is about $2000.


This component was selected Samsung SSD M. 2, which is found in MacBook Pro, since the iMac uses a slower storage. Again, do not forget about the margin.

SSD 4 TB — $3600.

As a result the overall cost iMac Pro in the maximum configuration:

The base model iMac Pro = $4999
Option with 18 cores ≈ $4000
Option 128 GB of RAM ≈ $2700
Option Pro Vega 16GB HBM2 ≈ $2000
Option 4TB SSD ≈ $3600

The total amount of ≈ $17299.

As a result, the price of the iMac Pro in the top configuration will be $299 17. And this price for the USA. If you remember the tradition of Apple to sell their products in Russia at a premium of 20-30% – so almost 1.3 million rubles.

According to analysts, the price may show too high, but if you consider the new candy Apple as a solution for professional use, it is quite justified.

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