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Apple at WWDC 2015 will announce the start of sales of Apple Watch in stores

On 8 June, the first day of the worldwide developers conference WWDC, Apple will announce the start of sales of smart watches Apple Watch in retail stores. We are not talking only about the USA but about other countries. Such information includes resource Feng, which refers to its sources in Apple . Now the company conducts intensive training for the upcoming start of sales.

In may, Apple CEO Tim cook during a visit to headquarters in China promised that sales of smart watches in Apple retail stores will start next month. Later, the sources said training in to this anticipated event.

The head of Apple retail business Angela Ahrendts addressed the people, urging them to be ready for the start of sales of the Apple Watch, and Vice-President of the company Jim Bean told about the possibility to order the device and pick it up at the store.

The latter possibility is more like a normal reserve, when a buyer finds the “smart” watches in the shop and reserve, then to come and pick them up. Similarly, it is possible to consolidate the model, which is not available to after its appearance to make a purchase.

In called Apple retail employees to re-examine the material on the sales of the Apple Watch. As you know, the company spent a lot of time developing a fundamentally new approach to sales electronic bracelet.

As the newspaper notes CNN, the “smart” clock Apple Watch has all chances to become the most successful product of the company — at least at the stage of launch. According to analysts, since April, Apple has already received 7 million of orders for its debut watch and put it on the market 2.5 million devices.

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