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Chinese hackers have earned 3 million rubles for hacking the iPhone 6s

At the annual Pwn2Own contest a team of hackers from China hacked into the iPhone 6s. Using two vulnerabilities, they got root access to the mobile operating system, earning $52 000 (approximately 3.3 million).

A team of Chinese experts from Keen Tencent Security Lab Team took home more than half the entire prize pool of the competition Pwn2Own, reports Securitylab. In total they got $215 000 for developed by the company Trend Micro the Mobile Pwn2Own competition in Tokyo. The total prize Fund $375 000. Despite implemented in modern smartphones protection, experts managed to hack the iPhone 6s and 6P Nexus.

In the case of iPhone 6s the researchers proekspluatirovat two vulnerabilities in iOS error memory usage after the release of the Visualizer and the error memory corruption in the sandbox. In the attack they managed to steal stored on your device photos and to receive remuneration in the amount of $52 000. Developed by researchers at the exploit works even on the latest iOS 10.1.

As for Android devices, the hackers proekspluatirovat two vulnerabilities along with other errors and installed on the smartphone, a malicious application without your knowledge. For successfully carried out the attack, they received $105 000 (about 6.5 million).

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