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Touch panel touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro is running iOS

During the presentation of the new MacBook Pro on Thursday, Apple paid no attention to one interesting thing. Branded touchpad on laptops running on the operating system iOS. Although not quite the iOS to which we are accustomed.

Instead of function keys above the keyboard in the new MacBook Pro – Retina display, which Apple nicely called Touch Bar. In fact it replaces those system keys responsible for screen brightness, volume and other parameters – these keys are touch-sensitive. The functionality is Touch Bar much wider. Now each program has its own set of shortcut buttons to certain functions, while they themselves touch keys can be customized.

Specifically for touch OLED-display, Apple has developed a separate operating system. As found by developer Steven Trenton Smith, Touch Bar works on a modified version of watchOS, which, in turn, is a modified version of iOS. The component is based on the new processor Apple T1 and operates independently macOS Sierra.

“Touch Bar operates on watch OS, and macOS, sends the data via USB framebuffer, – explained the principle of operation of the touch panel Tronton Smith. – Then multi-touch events are sent back to macOS”.

The T1 chip is ARM architecture, as well as the processors in iOS devices. However, he is also responsible for the safety of such of the functions of the new MacBook Pro, like Touch ID, Touch Bar and the front FaceTime camera.

The developer believes that the reason why Apple decided to use a modified version of watchOS, is that structurally, the T1 processor similar to computing circuits S1 and S2 in “smart” clock Apple Watch. Theoretically, the bar Touch Bar can be active even in those moments when idle macOS and its own processor MacBook Pro.

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The official presentation of the MacBook Pro was held in the headquarters of Apple on October 27. 13-inch notebook with dual-core Intel Core i5 processor with a frequency of 2 GHz will cost 119 990 rubles (already on sale), 13-inch with Touch ID and Touch Bar – from 144 990, and the 15-inch from 189 990 rubles (sales a month).

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