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Canalys: Apple shipped nearly 7 million Apple Watch

Apple topped the Wearables market, says research firm Canalys. According to experts ‘ estimates, total U.S. Corporation has put 7 million “smart” hours. Despite the expensive Apple Watch, the manufacturer can easily outstripped the sales of all other manufacturers of smart watches and fitness bracelets, the study said.

No other supplier has failed to even come close to the results of Apple. For example, the same Pebble could supply only 200 000 smart watches. And this happened only through increased sales after the release of the Pebble Time Steel. And Korean Samsung and is marked by decreasing supply of its own wearable computers.

Apple officially introduced the Apple Watch in autumn 2014. According to Canalys, starting sales could be further increased if the company released the device in April, and in the final quarter of last year, ahead of the Christmas season. In addition, in the first few months after the release of the sales growth was hampered by limited supplies of the Apple Watch.

“The Apple Watch are the most advanced “smart” watch. The device enjoys high popularity among fans of the Apple brand worldwide. However, the company still faces a number of challenges to make the Apple Watch a real bestseller. To attract more customers, the need to improve the performance of the device, increase battery life and number of sensors. In addition, the popularity of such devices will depend on the number of third-party applications,” said Canalys senior analyst Chris Jones.

However, here, it is worth considering one important thing. Volumes of supplies are not talking about actual sales of gadgets and describe only the quantity of goods delivered to retailers for sale to end-user customers. And Apple is reluctant to share information about the sales of the Apple Watch, preferring to allocate them in a separate category along with a number of other goods.

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Not particularly accuracy and analysts ‘ forecasts, according to which Apple has sold 3 to 6 million smart watches. Best Buy indicates high demand for wearable electronics, while some providers say that their supplies do not exceed 2 million in the quarter. A well-known Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster believes that this figure is closer to 3 million

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