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How do I move the Split View and “picture in picture” with the iPad Pro on any iPhone and iPad [Cydia]

In addition to a new interface, multitasking, and power saving mode iOS 9 is brought to the device special modes: Slide Over, Split View and “picture in Picture”, which open up new possibilities for multi-tasking on devices. High permission of Apple, they are available only on a limited number of devices – the latest generation of iPad.

Useful feature Over Slide provides an opportunity to access the second application from the comfort of first. You can browse the site, reply to a message or make a note and then move the app to the side and return to that which was used before. In Split View on the iPad can work simultaneously with two applications. To draw, open next image is original or make a document, copying quotes from Wikipedia or books. When all before my eyes, to concentrate much easier.

Finally, the “picture in Picture” allows you while talking on FaceTime or watching videos to reduce the window and move it to the right of the screen. You can open the second application and free to use it — the video will continue to playback. iOS 9 makes it possible to simultaneously watch the video and answer new letter.

New jailbreak extension allows you to transfer all of the multitasking capabilities of the iPad on officially unsupported devices. Thanks Medusa advantage of multi window mode iPad Pro be available on other tablet – older model iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini 3 and even iPad 2/3/4 and iPad mini first and second generation. Moreover, with this tweak this feature can also be used on the iPhone.

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The release of jailbreak now means to use apps in multi-window mode and watch mode “picture in picture” possible on smartphones. It even supports mode Slide Over. In its current form, the Medusa can not yet boast all of the claimed functionality: PiP mode is not available yet. However, the developer is already preparing an update. To use the “picture in picture”, you can use the tweak Trenton Stephen-Smith on this page. To install deb file manually using iFile.

To use Medusa right now, it is enough to add in Cydia repository developer The tweak is available for free.

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