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The court rejected the claim that iPhone users in the homeland of Samsung

The court of South Korea dismissed a class action lawsuit iPhone users against Apple, stating that it is impossible to prove in court that their privacy was violated, reports the Koreaherald. Leaks of personal data when collecting location information of smartphone owners did not occur, and therefore the claims of 1 million Korean won, or $ 880 000 is unreasonable. Today in Busan the decision on the appeal almost three hundred Korean iPhone owners.

The story began four years ago, when Korean lawyer Kim Hyun-Sook sued the Cupertino Corporation $1000 for the iPhone when locating the violated privacy. Since then, several hundred users of Apple’s smartphone went to court with the accusation that the manufacturer illegally determines the position of a man without his consent, received as a result of compensation of 800,000 won ($757) per person.

This achievement inspired Hyun Kim a Bitch and other lawyers involved in the proceedings, in a class action that included claims 27612 iPhone owners throughout South Korea. Despite the fact that Apple have closed this vulnerability, the plaintiffs argued that the tracking of the location of the person violated article 17 of the Constitution, which stipulates the basic human rights. However, the court of first instance ruled in favor of American corporations. Now denied and the appeals of those who disagreed with him.

Law of Korea requires manufacturers at the program level to include the ability to disable the collection of personal data about users. Beyond these prohibitions, as the court considered, Apple did not come out.

Under “surveillance” in iPhone refers to the function of collecting device data about cell towers and Wi-Fi networks in their environment. These data, according to Apple, are used for geolocation. In the spring of 2011, it was determined that information about the towers and the hotspots is stored on the iPhone secure and it is possible to reconstruct user movement over the past year or more. Although obtaining such data provides the user agreement, Apple has admitted that long-term storage of information, and the operation of the system even after you disable the geo-services in the iOS settings caused by software bugs.

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