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Came Supplement “Big tournament” for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft [video]

Monday, August 24, all fans of digital collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been the addition of the “Big tournament”.

With the release of add players opened access to a new set of cards. A total of 132, the developers have gradually introduced them to the public, and recently even published a full list on the page in Facebook. Buying new booster packs for in-game gold or real money, the player, as usual, will open five cards, at least one of which will be rare, epic or legendary. A week before the release of the gamers had the opportunity to see many new creatures and spells included in the set. It was enough to play in the “Brawl” to see the deck of the mage class, and the hunter and try including epic and legendary cards from the Supplement.

“Fanfare and the roar of cheering spectators marked the release of the second in a row add for Hearthstone called “Big tournament”. Enjoy the innovations of the “Big tournament”: 132 new maps — an army of noble knights, powerful horses, spells and other Goodies for your collection. New game mechanics is the “Inspiration” allows creatures to inspire great feats of arms. They will be more fiercely to defend your honor on the lists and struggling to seek to win”.

Adapting to the “Big tournament”, you will not only recycle their decks, but also to understand the fresh mechanics. The first is called “Inspiration” and triggered the moment when the user activates the ability of the hero. In this case, the entity may receive a bonus, to improve the performance of your associates, or to cause a different effect.

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Other mechanics, dubbed “the Duel”, is as follows: when it is triggered, from the decks of both players pulled out of one creature and compared their cost. If the cost of the card instigator “of the Fight” is higher, then activated the effect, specified in additional property maps. If winning is not possible, then the card is played without this property.

As in the case with the previous update of “Goblins and dwarves”, the new cards are sold as kits that can be purchased with earned gold or real money. Their value is not different from the price of your existing outfits.

Download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iPad available for free in the App Store.

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