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iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 5 and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro: a blind test chambers

Edition about mobile phones phoneArena published on the website of the experimental material which essence was reduced to the vote among the readers. Were prepared photographs from four different smartphones and asked to choose the best quality and the most bad shots, focusing only on the numbers of personnel, without the names of the devices – the so-called “blind test”. In tests involved iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4 and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

The technique of “blind testing” is often used in research, its basic task is to remove the perception of the brand and to make the comparison equal. You know, in electronics is no different from other goods and their sensitivities. Often models of headphones that cost several tens of dollars sound no worse than headphones costing hundreds of dollars. But knowing the brand of headphones and their cost, most people appreciates the latter, while the first is dismissive.

According to the final results, 5642 visitor recognized the best pictures taken with the camera phone “D” – Galaxy Note5. Second place by a small margin from the leader took the Galaxy Note 4 (4526 votes), Mi Note Pro scored 1359 votes and got third place. Flagship smartphone Apple was in fourth place, earning 1,020 votes.

In testing all the work done by the readers, so the results do not reflect the opinion of experts and ordinary people. People who daily use smartphones and just chose images by a single criterion – like/dislike. The test should show what the phones, according to regular users, make beautiful photos.

It should be noted that the resolution of the iPhone 6 camera is only 8 megapixels, while competitors “Apple” of the device use a larger matrix. For example, Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy Note 4 have a 16 megapixel camera and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – the 13 megapixel.

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