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Bought iPhone have sold Russia: the government has proposed to impose sanctions against Apple

Explorer edition Siapress Sergey Glinsky has criticized Apple and their compatriots who buy the device for an American company. He is sure that when you buy iPhone, the Russians “increase the economic strength of America.” On Apple equipment, you should apply the same sanctions as Swiss cheese and Finnish oil, the journalist said.

“Do not give rest to all the liberal achievements of the American technology giant. Then, referring to Bloomberg crowed that Apple is worth more than all enterprises of Russia ($652 billion vs. $531 billion; Gazprom, for example, is $50 billion), but now that revenue above ($234 billion) was more than the income of the Federal budget of the Russian Federation ($197 billion). And investment in research and development the “Apple” — $8 billion, and our country — only $5.5 billion.

So what do you mean, all there is the opposition!? This “Apple” – not an Apple, but only a bubble that can burst at any moment. And “Gazprom” as it was, and will remain!”, – he writes.

According to Glinsky, such statements are nonsense, and all economic success of the Apple “are kept primarily on the manipulation consciousness of people”. “Have done head their iPhones to people around the world and we are glad,” says he.

“My heart is torn to pieces from the fact that the leadership of our country has not imposed sanctions in respect of the above giant. Well we have lived one year without Swiss cheese and a Finnish oil. All right… – said Glinsky. – What is truly painful to observe is the fact that our compatriots as rabid buy the American product, further increasing the economic power of America.”

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Resent Sergey and officials from iPhone: “it drives me crazy when you come on reception to the official, and he has on the table are these two brand new iPhone worth 60 000 rubles. And the question is: for this we pay money from the budget of the country, officials have money invested in the American economy”.

Summed up Glinsky rebuke of the Russians in pseudopatriotism: “Excited speech about patriotism Yes, shake the Cam, and then they beat their Breasts, — as much as you like, and refuse the enemy’s products, even in small things I can’t.”

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