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Russia will launch a “cyber Monday in 2016” – sale of equipment with discount up to 50%

In Russia the morning of January 25 began online-sale “Cyberpowerinc”. The organizer of the large-scale action is the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT), which for the fourth year holds a sale on the last Monday of January. All the shops — participants of mass sales in the “cyber Monday” are collected at the organizer’s website. Discounts on equipment can reach 50%.

Bulk sale electronics “cyber Monday” is held in Russia for the fourth time. On this day, many online shopping exactly a day reduce the cost of production, and in some cases the price tag may even fall several times.

Participate in the sale of more than hundreds of companies, including: “Hardware”, “220”, “Svyaznoy”, “M. Video”, “Eldorado”, Lamoda, MediaMarkt, OTTO, “Sportmaster”, “”, Enter, KupiVIP, Baon, Mebelion and many others.

What to expect from those shops that will take part in the action? In Re:Store you can purchase iPhone 6s 16GB for 62 490 rubles at the official price of 65 990 and iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB of memory will cost 61 990 62 990 rubles instead. Ulmart and Svyaznoy good discounts on smartphones not scored: 5-10%. The range of promotional offers smartphones and Android tablets, cameras, car electronics and accessories. 10% discount only on accessories: cases, screen protectors, chargers, etc.

Many offline stores are taking part in the action for the first time. To beginners may include, for example, a brand of luxury smartphones Caviar, retailer Finn Flare network and group of companies Inventive Retail Group is selling the products Apple store re: Store, Samsung branded stores, salons of the Sony Centre and the shops of sneakers Street Beat. In addition, for the first time “cyber Monday” joined goods aggregator “Yandex.Market”. The company will become an alternative sales platform where customers can choose products from the participants.

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On the official website of “cyber Monday” has a section, which presents an exclusively Russian products. The organizers asked each participant to put 50 units of domestic products. “We want to show our customers that the Russian products are not just no worse, and often better, than their foreign counterparts,” – said the President of the Association of companies of Internet trade (AKIT; brings together 20 retailers) and managing partner of a retailer “220” Alexey Fedorov.

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