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At MSU are working on creating a phone that is protected from wiretapping the CIA

Scientists of physical faculty of Moscow state University are working on a quantum phone, providing direct quantum channel for the exchange of information between subscribers. The device will be fully protected against potential eavesdropping.

Russian physicists claim that quantum technologies allow to create absolutely protected from possible interceptions of the phone.

“The practical value consists in the fact that two (or more) subscriber can talk to or share messages so that guaranteed no one will overhear,” – said project leader, Professor, Department of quantum electronics of the Moscow state University Sergey Kulik.

Absolute security provides MSU physicists designed equipment that creates a special secret keys distributed on the quantum channel in automatic mode and encoded human speech.

Creating a quantum phone — the first stage of the project to create Russia’s first University quantum network. The project is included in the program of development of Moscow University. In the future such quantum phones will appear in all divisions of the Moscow state University.

In light of recent events, protection against wiretapping is a particularly important aspect. Recently, the publishing WikiLeaks has published CIA documents about the hacking of phones running iOS and Android, and even Smart TVs. Argues that intelligence officers use vulnerabilities, which you don’t suspect any security experts or device manufacturers.

According to reports, in iOS managed to find 13 vulnerabilities, with which the CIA was spying on iPhone.

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