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A simple way to extend the life of the Lightning cable

Among the users of Apple devices have long argued that to use the original charging cable for iPhone, iPad and Mac – it was originally a dead-end. The main trouble is that a simple replacement of the cord the problem is not solved. All Apple cables karma obviously spoiled. Otherwise, where only in the official online Apple store Lightning accessories were only one and a half star in the rating?

That means one and a half stars in the rating of the product? This is when almost every review is accompanied by the expressions “poor”, “terrible”, “single”, “overpriced garbage”, “junk” and other equally colorful definitions who prefer to eat ordinary consumers, describing problems with the cables for their iPhone, iPad and Mac.

But it is, so to speak, the General background. What to do when a problem suddenly arose with the lace of your iPhone or Mac? It’s one thing to read someone’s reviews online, and quite another – in the here and now to solve the problem. Can we be sure that this will not happen with you?

It is believed that it is better to learn on someone else’s experience, and folk wisdom it is no wonder such a wise. The solution may be to buy a clay-rubber Sugru. Imagine a material that in consistency resembling clay, but able at night to turn into a substance similar to rubber or silicone?

Sugru is sold in packs of 8 pieces. Remove the clay from the packaging and you have 30 minutes to stir it well and form from it a flexible sheathing on the cable near the connector. After 24 hours, the clay will fully grasp and become flexible and elastic, like rubber. The material simply will not allow you to bend Lightning cable so much that it was deformed and out of order.

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It looks more aesthetically pleasing than your cable is securely protected from dangerous sharp bends and will last you much longer.

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