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According to analysts, the Apple Watch had over half the market for smart watches in 2015

“Smart” watches Apple Watch became the most popular in the world of smart hours by the end of 2015. These are the results of the research of the analytical company Juniper Research.

Taking pre-orders for the Apple Watch opened on the 10th of April 2015, and the actual entrance to the market two weeks later. Researchers estimate that in the past year on a smart watch Apple had 52% of the total volume of deliveries of “smart” watches. This smart watch running Android Wear took less than 10% of the world market.

Analysts note that the ecosystem of “smart” watches is growing rapidly. More and more companies are developing games and various applications for such wearable gadgets. At the same time now the main factor hindering the spread of smart watches is their high price.

In the fourth quarter of “smart” watches Apple first tested the pre-holiday sales. The expert has no doubt that the company managed to realize in the last quarter of 2015 at least 5.5 million Apple Watch. At an average selling price of the device at $475 gadget will bring Apple more than $2.6 billion, representing 3 % of all income and adds $0.11 to earnings per share. Every million sold Apple Watch brings Cupertino income of $475 million and earnings per share in the range of $0.02.

A recent study showed that after a brief acquaintance with the Apple Watch, people’s interest in this gadget is only growing. In General, the reaction of users to the first smart-hours of Apple is estimated as positive, even if initially the person was skeptical.

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