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Apple CEO Tim cook spoke in support of globalization

Apple CEO Tim cook in China spoke out in defense of globalization, and called privacy one of the values of the American Corporation.

The output of the speech on Chinese forum on development Tim cook was supported by the globalization. Globalization of the world economy is a process which is characterized not only advantages but also disadvantages. But, in General, according to the General Director, “globalization is perfect for the entire world,” although the gains from it are unevenly distributed between countries. Cook acknowledged that this is a problem, but urged the international community not to abandon globalization.

“I think the worse thing would be to say that globalization is bad and it should be less because she has not helped anyone. I think in reality, you can see that when countries isolate themselves, this is not good for their residents,” said Tim cook.

The speech of the head of Apple lasted about an hour. In addition, he touched on the subject of user privacy, calling it one of the values of his Corporation. Cook said that Apple fully encrypts all your data, to prevent their falling into the hands of hackers. “We believe that people should own their data and be able to control them”,— said the head of the company.

For leaders of American companies speech on Chinese forum on development is seen as a step to improve relations with Beijing, as in this forum there are many high-ranking officials. Tim cook previously appeared on this forum and rarely went out in public in China.

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