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Asphalt: storm the streets – straight line race

Asphalt is probably the most respected exclusively mobile racing series – largely because the other simply does not. And yet: a lot of people discovered mobile gaming still with Nokia N-Gage and “Asphalt” in. Since then a lot of gasoline left, and the visible name is slightly dimmed: recall Overdrive. But over the past year there has been a good trend games under this brand began out decent. From one Extreme we were absolutely sincere delight, on the order of Street Racing Storm works well, too.

About “storm the streets” you should immediately know that it is dedicated to just drag racing is one of the “fast and Furious” when two desperate guys start straight, eager gear changes. Nothing else here, no; this is not a free racing level the same “Extreme”, and it must always be kept in mind. Something in the spirit caressed by the CSR but with its own interesting nuances.

The race itself, however, are “standard”. The stopwatch is ticking, you are burning rubber, start, rushed. To successfully begin, you need to put the arrow tachometer in a special “green” field. To shift gears when the race is already in full swing – on the same principle. Just not or not in time: all the speed drops, precious seconds are melting, and with them all hopes for the first place. However, there is one little trick. To start, no need to wait for the final seconds. You can take off a little earlier, the main thing – not to cross the white line before the starting whistle. This seemingly insignificant thing changes all: those meters that you can get to start, play a key role. In the end, the event becomes not even in the championship reactions and dexterity (as in CSR), and exactly calculated to inches action.

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Modes in Street Storm Racing a little bit – there is a conditional campaign, is the multiplayer. In the first option you will drive with some unnamed (but very perky) riders, gradually rising higher in the local hierarchy. Second just to throw the challenge a real opponent. Before the race you can put the money and a nice place to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Either lose the last.

The game has three maps: downtown new York, winter in Paris and the twilight of Hong Kong. To get at least to the French capital, you need to recruit the necessary number of fame – she is here measured by abstract “subscribe”. Who, what, where is signed it’s impossible to understand, as well, and how you can increase audience mass.

In the garage, where wars are won (well, not on the track), can be done in about a million upgrades for your iron horse. Something to tweak the engine, change the tires, disassemble the clutch and so forth all are a lot of money and, of course, the hours of waiting. If you don’t want waiting, please either watch ads or pay the real amount for the virtual premium currency.

Street Storm Racing, as expected, to the top of the head is Packed full of donation limits. In addition to these timings, there is for example, the scale of energy. Well, the basic tools diverge faster than fly into the piggy Bank. Is this a problem? Probably not, given that now do almost all developers.

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But the new Asphalt looks nice, fun to play and can work a good alternative CSR 2, which you already jammed to holes.

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