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Pebble has opened bookings for smart watches Time Steel at $249

Pebble opened on the website pre-orders on Time Steel smart watch stainless steel, presented in March of this year. The cost model, preserving the full integrity and the ability to dive to great depths, is $ 249.

A smart watch, Pebble Time considered by many experts as the most worthy competitor to the Apple Watch. Despite the fact that in terms of functionality, this unit loses “Apple” rival in the asset Pebble autonomy and cost. One of the main issues most is the appearance of the watch. Despite the presence of several color options case and strap, they all look rather toy-like and cheap.

Pebble realized his mistake and propose a modification in the metal case Steel Time. In addition, watches are using Gorilla glass instead of plastic (with oleophobic coating).

On assurances of developers, the Pebble Time can do without charge for 7 days. They have a built-in microphone, which allows you to create notes and dictate messages. At Pebble Technology also has its own app store. Users Kickstarter can pre-order hours Time Steel for $250, the cost of a regular model is $199.

Time Steel is available in three versions: steel, black and gold colors. The case of the latter two versions are covered with a special coating by condensation of steam (gas) phase (physical vapour deposition; PVD), which improves the stability of the housing to scratching. Delivery of the gadget is scheduled for September of this year.

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