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Apple will equip the iPhone 8 is more powerful 10-watt adapters with USB C

In April, informed sources said that the iPhone 8 will save the Lightning connector, but will use the technology fast charging the USB Type-C Power Delivery. Today analysts at Barclays, citing supply chain has confirmed this information, noting that the new anniversary flagship Apple will come with a more powerful power adapter.

In 2012, Apple replaced the 30-pin connector Dock Connector for more compact Lightning. Rumor has it that after five years Apple may switch to USB type-C, which is becoming more popular today.

However, analyst at Barclays argue that the cupertinos will still retain the Lightning connector. However, as stated, the device will be equipped with cord and power adapter with USB. This will allow us to support the initiative “One charger for all” (One mobile phone charger for all), which was introduced in 2009 by the European Commission.

iPhone 8 will come with a more powerful power adapter 10 watt. Chips USB Type-C Power Delivery of production Cypress Semiconductor will be built directly into the smartphone and power supply for the device. We are talking about the module CYPD2104, which is used in of 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Therefore, the iPhone 8 will be charged a higher rate by connecting it to a complete 10-watt adapter with USB connector-C or to the power supply 29 W, which is available for MacBook.

At the moment, Apple assembles the iPhone and iPad, respectively, 5 – and 12-watt power adapters with slow USB ports. So if you have a tablet, it is advisable to charge iPhone using a power adapter for the iPad. The charger is designed for higher current, and thus able to provide fast charging.

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