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The Chinese before Apple introduced the smartphone with a built-in screen fingerprint scanner [video]

Apple, as you know, intends to place a fingerprint scanner under the display of the iPhone 8. But to the surprise of many the first this technology showed Chinese Android manufacturer.

On the official YouTube channel Vivo has a teaser of a smartphone with a built-in display biometric fingerprint module.

Sensor placed over the display panel, but the sensor corresponds to only a small portion of the screen. It would be convenient to be able to unlock the phone by touching the right thumb anywhere on the screen. In Vivo noted that this has increased the cost of the product, but it is possible that the sensor will still be much more common — the ability to recognize fingerprints will give the lower half of the screen.

When Vivo will start selling the smartphone, is unknown. Previously, the company Qualcomm has introduced its new ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that can be placed behind the OLED screen with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Probably, the smartphone Vivo using the sensor manufacturer.

Qualcomm previously stated that the first serial device with sensors to scan fingerprints through the glass and metal will be released in the first half of 2018. A sensor for scanning across the display will be available to OEMs in late 2017.

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