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Roskomnadzor said that he had received from Telegram all required data

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov’ll make a Telegram in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. This is stated in the statement, “Interfax”.

According to Zharov, the messenger will be in the registry of the organizers of the dissemination of information if the Agency enough information about the Telegram from open sources.

“We welcome his position. Now you have to understand that all the IDs on the links in the message he brought, necessary for inclusion in the register of the organizers of information dissemination are available. Obviously, in this case we have bureaucracy to deal with will not” — said Zharov.

Earlier, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov confirmed the agreement to provide Roskomnadzor with the necessary information about the messenger application for registration in the register of the organizers of disseminating information.

According to the Creator of Telegram, all the data about company “available to anyone”. The Durov said that his team “does not assume any additional obligations.”

Durov emphasized that he is not going to perform “Spring law” and other provisions that may violate the privacy of users of Telegram.

Zharov later confirmed that Durov from the provided information is sufficient to make a Telegram to the registry.

“Soon the messenger will be included in this registry.

Thus, the Telegram began to work in the legal field of the Russian Federation. I am sure that the rest of the international communication services should do the same. With regard to the laws of Russia, they are binding on all companies operating in the Russian jurisdiction,” – said the representative of Roskomnadzor.

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Earlier in the Roskomnadzor said that the time allotted for the registration of the Telegram, is about to expire. Later the Minister spoke to Paul Durova in person. The Creator of the messenger answered Zharov, noting that in the case of prohibition Telegram Russian officials will have to go to the American counterparts.

Inclusion in the register of Roskomnadzor will allow the Russian authorities to require the messenger to transfer servers in Russia and store information about the user, metadata of their conversations and correspondence, and from July 2018 within six months to save text messages and call recording, as well as all of the files to be transmitted on-demand by providing them special services.

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