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Apple Watch is the main source of inspiration for future iPhone

Daniel Iran Dilger, journalist Appleinsider, analyzed the updated range of Apple devices and published an article on this topic. In it, he said, than similar watches of the company issued in 2015, and iPhone X – anniversary smartphone.

Vivid frameless OLED display with rounded edges, a new biometric sensor. Navigation using gestures instead of buttons and a separate side button to bring up Siri with Apple Pay. Nothing like?

In the footsteps of Mac

Seven years ago, when sales of the iPod and iPhone jumped up, many Apple fans thought that she will pay less attention to Mac computers or even forget about them.

Their doubts were dispelled at the conference Back to the Mac, where the employees of the Corporation told about the new features of Mac OS X. App Store, FaceTime, full screen apps, gestures. They were all borrowed from the iPhone and iPad.

Now repeat the same situation. Iconic smartphone Corporation gradually takes over the functions and becoming more and more like them. For example, the 3D Touch technology. Display, recognizing the pressing force first appeared in the Apple Watch, and in 2015 moved to the iPhone 6s. Seventh generation smartphone has got the housing, protected from water ingress. And the latest creation by Apple has got an OLED display, which long ago were equipped with wearable gadgets Corporation. Also borrowed from the iPhone smart watch wireless charging and updated the configuration mode with the camera.

The Apple Watch has inspired engineers in the development of other key products.

Passive authentication

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Another function, which arose when creating the Apple Watch – the authorization of the owner without further action. In hours no Touch ID, instead, they constantly monitor the pulse of the person. If the pulse is there, all functions of the watch, including Apple Pay, remain available. As soon as the sensors “losing” the heartbeat of the master clock are locked. Everything happens more naturally, quickly and effortlessly.

iPhone, unfortunately, not able to determine who holds it. Therefore, the Apple taught him to recognize the user’s face. Thus, the company managed to achieve the same simple experience as in case with Apple Watch. Users are constantly looking at the screen of the smartphone. Therefore, the process of unlocking iPhone X tied it on eye contact.

“In most cases, unlocking and authentication happen when you look at the smartphone, and the smartphone is looking at you. It just works. Over time, this process becomes invisible to people,” said Daniel.

New design

The last feature of the iPhone X, which associates it with Apple Watch – steel frame. When I came out the first model, it was divided into three lines: Sport (aluminum case and the glass ion X), plain (stainless steel case and sapphire glass), Edition (case made of 750 gold). A similar situation is observed in the case of iPhone. After all, the most advanced smartphone Apple is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone 8 is technically. However, they are fundamentally different in visual terms. Steel frame, unique coating of glass. These features of the gadget say that its important to the image, on premium.

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Due to the design of the iPhone X will stand out compared to other smartphones Apple even among people who are far away from technology and see little difference in the specifications. Likewise, Maybach, Audi and Lincoln are different from Chevrolet, Ford and Nissan.

Instead of a conclusion

It is now difficult to say what would be the new iPhone, if a few years ago, Apple has created its own version of smart watches. The company uses the same tactic that she used in 2010, greatly improved Mac.

X when the iPhone was announced, were overwhelmed users, who accused Apple of “stealing” technology. But what if she steals from itself? After all, the ideas contained in the new smartphone Corporation, has already been tested it in other products. The Apple Watch is a perfect example.

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