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The Germans learned to understate the suspension of the Audi S8 with the iPhone

German company KW has developed a new control system adaptive pneumococci “charged” sedan Audi S8 plus. As reported by the Motor, the function allows you to understate the ride height of the car with the iPhone.

Electronic module KW unit to the control electronics of a sedan by means of special plugs and is controlled wirelessly through a mobile app on your smartphone. Clearance S8 plus can be reduced to 30 mm by controlling its size with an accuracy of one millimeter.

KW noted that the installation of the module takes only a few minutes. In addition, the unit can easily be removed “at any time”, which is especially useful for owners of vehicles leased.

The new system will be available for both “charged” sedan Audi S8 plus and other modifications of the family A8 is equipped with adaptive air suspension.

Sedan Audi S8 plus petrol is equipped with chetyrehlitrovy twin-turbo “eight” power of 605 horsepower and eight-speed automatic transmission. First “hundred” such avtomobill can dial in 3.8 seconds — 0.4 seconds faster than the normal S8. The maximum speed is limited to 250 kilometers per hour, but with the sport package Dynamic Package this bar can be moved up to 305 km per hour.

The cost of the electronic module KW not yet known.

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