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Media: iPhone 8 will be equipped with AirPods headphones, iPhone 7s will receive a glass case and wireless charging

Since the first generation iPhone was equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. However, iPhone 6s was the last machine interface of this type. The iPhone 7, which debuted last year, was only one of the digital Lightning port, which is used in particular for connecting a headset.

Apple went to the radical step of abandoning the 3.5 mm connection on their smartphones, offering complete with the iPhone 7 headphones with Lightning interface. This decision, obviously, has arranged far from all users, as a result, the company was criticized even her loyal fans. But, if you believe the latest rumors, Apple intends to correct the situation in the next generation iPhone.

According to analysts of investment Bank JPMorgan, the anniversary of Apple’s smartphone instead of wired headphones will be equipped with AirPods. The presence in the box with the phone wireless headset will be a great asset anniversary of the flagship Apple. AirPods are now sold separately at a price of 11 990 rubles.

A new generation of “Apple” smartphone will come with wireless headphones, which according to the plan of Apple will be a major competitive advantage of the iPhone 8. Such a step obviously would increase the cost of the gadget, so the rumors about the cost of the new flagship $1000 can be justified.

He iPhone 8 will have OLED screen “edge to edge”. Moreover, a display panel, as reported, will be adjacent to the side edges and the top and bottom will remain a small indentation. The device will boast dual camera with optical stabilization each module, 3D facial recognition technology and a high level of watertightness. It is also noted that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a battery L-shape increased capacity.

Another portion of insider information of the updated iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus. These models, according to the source, not only receive a superior technology, but will be clad in glass case. Rear panel with 2.5 D glass will allow you to give the device wireless charging.

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