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Apple Watch: impressions after 8 months of use

In April of this year, Apple began selling “smart” clock Apple Watch accessory is desirable, but is extremely ambiguous. Analysts say the numbers from 11 to 13 million copies sold and reported high levels of satisfaction of our clients. This figure is higher than that of the first generation iPad and iPhone. Blogger Alexander Patsy who purchased Apple Watch eight months ago and actively used the device all the time, shared his impressions of the device.

Overall the Apple Watch he liked and to abandon the device for no reason. Blogger is constantly in function of time, finds out the temperature and considers physical activity. Wearable computer Apple is definitely encouraged to move more. According to him, after a busy day by evening the battery indicator shows hours 30-35%

For 8 months of complaints about the device have accumulated a bit, but they are. Despite the release watchOS 2.0 and then update 2.1, Apple has not eliminated a number of annoying problems and limitations of the device.

One complaint about the Apple Watch for the “brake”. “The wheel of the running applications, you will observe more often than you would like, both in system apps and in apps from third-party developers,” says the blogger. Delays occur not only when uploading data from your iPhone, but the interface, especially, for example, in the application for sports — click on the type of athletic activity often twice, because the first time the app wouldn’t recognize the click, or simply buggy. Sometimes “slow” with Siri.

Second dissatisfaction concerns the accuracy of the measurement pulse. The sensor showed the correct information, the Apple Watch needs to be pressed to the hand stronger. “I occasionally encounter a situation when the clock shows incorrect data. When, after some exercise I’m breathing like a locomotive departing from the station, I know exactly what I have at this point, the pulse cannot be 80-85 beats per minute (rather 140-145), but a watch with me somehow disagree,” writes Alexander.

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Another complaint concerns the gesture to activate the screen. If in normal use with no problems – it should throw up his hands and the watch will show the time in “non-standard” situations function often does not work. “There are many cases when the hands no — one wants, for example, lying, just to turn his wrist to see the time, – said Patsy. – Expect to hold your hand — the dial will be lit. But it is not always necessary, and it’s terribly angry”.

Alexander is confident that these shortcomings did not make the Apple Watch unusable. The device is fully copes with its tasks. He even had a relationship: when you find yourself without a watch becomes uncomfortable and want them to return. The blogger hopes that Apple will fix all the bugs in the Apple Watch 2.

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